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SAGA Farm & Sporthorses
Summer Schooling Show Series

2024 Show Dates
April 21 - May 11 - June 1 - July 6 - August 4 - September 7 - October 26

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SAGA Farm & Sporthorses
The Dressage Foundation Online Course

Demystify Dressage Training & Take Your Horse Up the Levels
Class Begins on 7/29/24

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SAGA Farm & Sporthorses

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

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Show season is just around the corner.

Until Our First Summer Schooling Show

Upcoming Events

Starting 5/3/23

Every Wednesday

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


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Creating Lasting Partnerships

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to help you achieve your goals.

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Welcome to SAGA Equine

Our goal at SAGA Equine is to nurture the partnership between horse and rider with understanding and empathy for the needs of both. A rider is nothing without his or her horse and the horse is merely wild energy without his rider to guide him. We strive to forge lasting and effective bonds that allow clear communication within the equine-human team. By teaching awareness of the physiology and biomechanics, as well as, the psychology, we create an environment where the rider’s thoughts become the horse’s actions in a coordinated and timely cycle of appropriate feedback.

Performances created by simple, command-response training methods suffer from a lack of enthusiasm and joy. They can appear robotic, timid, or worse, induced by fear. At SAGA Equine, we are dedicated to creating lasting and loving bonds between horses and their riders and forming a symbiosis that elevates each part of the team to the point where a goal becomes a shared desire, rather than a forced response. We know firsthand that no matter the storms that inevitably toss our lives about like flotsam in a hurricane… love never fails.  

Our decades of experience have shown us the key ingredients that makes a team truly remarkable and a joy to witness. It is our privilege to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and their beloved equine partners to enable them the same rewarding relationships that we enjoy with ours.