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None of us wants our horses to suffer. We do everything we can to make them comfortable, happy, and healthy because if they aren’t those things then WE aren’t comfortable, happy, and, very likely, not healthy either.

An unhappy, uncomfortable horse can be dangerous to itself and to us.

One of the simplest and effective tools that a horseman or horsewoman has to prevent that unhappiness, for you and for your horse, is:

Equine Massage for Horse Owners

Massage increases circulation in tense, overworked muscles. It releases tightness in ligaments and tendons that, if pushed too hard, can tear or even rupture.

Massage helps to realign vertebrae and skeletal elements that may have become locked into uncomfortable angles due to overlying or underlying tissues needing to compensate for the inevitable weakness and tiredness that the pursuit of excellence requires.

“The greatest thing for the inside of a man, is the outside of a horse.

Fascia, the glue that binds muscle groups, tends to get caught in positions that may not be beneficial to proper movement, and your horse, and you as well, become stiff and immobile rather than fluid and magical.

I don’t know about you, but I feel really good after a workout. My blood is pumping, muscles are warmed up and loose, the usual aches and pains have subsided, and toxins have been cleared out of my cells.

But if I can’t take the time to cool down or stretch I pay the price.

The phone rings and I have to take the call, or there’s an appointment I’m late for and I have to drive forty-five minutes without stretching. When I get to the appointment I feel awful. I feel almost like I’m frozen in place. My body has conformed to the seat of the truck and I can’t unbend. It’s pretty funny to watch, actually.

A lot of this has to do with my age, but most of it has to do with years and years of not knowing that stretching, massage, and cooling down are extremely important factors in any fitness regime.

We can know how horses feel after a workout because we know how we feel after a workout.

But horses are built out of huge levers and pulleys (muscles and tendons that are much more powerful than ours) that create stresses well beyond those that our puny little muscles can. Imagine how much more pain they can be in if they don’t get the proper releases of tension and fascial strain after their workouts.

I’d be willing to bet that one of the greatest things for the inside of a horse is a massage.

And that tension builds with time creating a cascade of issues that don’t have to happen.

Massage and myofascial release, one of the techniques you’ll learn in this course, can stop that cascade of problems and injury. Releasing tense, overtightened, and strained muscles is essential to performing at your peak.

Massage can do that!

In our triple course package: Equine Massage for Horse Owners you’ll get access to three courses, not just one! You’ll learn not only HOW to perform massage but WHY and WHERE to perform massage for maximum effect and healing.

The triple course package includes:

Equine Massage for Horse Owners Short Course A $279 Dollar value!

Equine Anatomy Short Course A $149 Dollar value!

Intro to Equine Biomechanics A $129 Dollar value!

Purchased separately these courses would cost: $557 Dollars!

We’re offering all three courses to you today for:

$349 Dollars

All you have to do is take the time to care and to learn a few simple techniques to drastically improve, not only, your horse’s health, but it’s performance as well.

Make it a habit after every ride to do some very simple things to make your horses’ comfort, and health lasting and positive. Fend off the causes of stress injuries. Lengthen and supple the muscle, tendon, bone, and fascial connections that allow your horse to perform at his optimal level and while you’re at it take care of yourself as well.

We, at SAGA Equine want you, and your horse, to experience the ultimate in performance without sacrificing relationship. We want you to become your horses greatest asset towards health and longevity, and we want your horse to love and enjoy the partnership that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Greg and Sarah, founders of SAGA Equine, taking a well-deserved day off.

By the way, if you haven’t already, click on this link to get a free copy of Greg’s e-book about TKC Silver Sabre, the horse that started our journey many years ago. Learn how his example of persistence, perseverance, and faith in his family allowed him to overcome obstacles that would have crumpled most horse’s wills, and in the process taught us all about the power of love.

Enjoy your courses and thanks for choosing SAGA Equine. Welcome to the family.