Equine Massage for Licensed Massage Therapists

You Already Know Massage.

“Now grow your business to the next level.

Add an entirely new segment of clientele to your business.

Positive growth.

Becoming certified in equine massage is a great way for a licensed massage therapist to expand their services and knowledge. Equine massage offers a unique opportunity to work with animals and help them heal from conditions and illnesses, such as muscle tension, joint pain, and chronic lameness.

Through our course, therapists can learn specialized techniques and gain a deeper understanding of equine anatomy and physiology. Additionally, certification can open up job opportunities in the field of equine massage, allowing therapists to work with horses and their trainers to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. With the increasing demand for equine massage, becoming certified can be a great way to stand out in the massage industry and build a successful career.

Tap into a $122 Billion dollar a year industry!

Add a modality to your repertoire that allows you to use your creativity to develop unique solutions for your clients. Enjoy the challenge of working with horses and learning new skills on a daily basis. Lastly, appreciate the flexibility of being able to get out of the office and meet new people.

Experience the latent energy within the muscles and sinew of a majestic animal.

Feel the raw wildness of an animal that is at once, meek and powerful, and join with its energy to heal and nurture not just the horse but yourself as well.

Two Paths to Learning

Just Dip Your Toes In the Water or Take the Plunge!

“Horses can teach us to slow down, to be patient, to watch and nurture rather than force changes, to flow with the natural processes that nurture our growth and wellness, and to heal ourselves through introspection and understanding.”

G. A. Auchard

“Horses provide us with a mirror to see into our own souls.”

G. A. Auchard

“SAGA Equine was founded to promote healthy relationships between humans and their equine partners. We believe that the equine-human interaction illuminates and clarifies the consequences, and rewards, of our behavior towards other sentient beings. With clarity we can work towards directing our own habits into positive results that benefit us and, in the process, the world at large.” 

G. A. Auchard

About the Equine Massage Program

Our online program is designed to give students all of the information and skills they need for success as an equine massage professional. Our 3-Step approach has proven successful for students of all learning styles and gives them the tools they need to help their equine clients and their owners. You can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. In the online program, all lectures, course materials and downloadable lecture pdfs are provided in the online classroom. Throughout the program, students cover a variety of topics including:

Equine Science

  • Equine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Equine Biomechanics
  • Conformation
  • Gait Analysis
  • Terminology

Equine Massage

  • The Benefits of Massage
  • Recognizing Discomfort
  • Massage Techniques
  • Mobilization
  • Stretching

Equine Business

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Business Law & Risk
  • and more

In addition to book learning and lectures, students will demonstrate their knowledge to further enhance their learning. All assignments in the course are designed to give students the opportunity to engage with their instructors and receive constructive feedback that will improve their understanding of the topics covered and give them the confidence needed to work independently.

Sarah Auchard

Sarah’s experience in the equine industry is extensive and spans over 40 years. She also holds an MBA in business administration from Miami University. Her love affair with horses began at the tender age of three. As a child, she learned that kindness and consistency went a long way and came to understand that riding is a partnership built on trust, compassion, understanding and patience. This approach has resulted in great success in the show ring and beyond.

Greg Auchard

G.A. Auchard is a retired paramedic and farrier and co-founder of SAGA Farm & Sporthorses LLC with his wife Sarah and their daughters. He has spent over sixty years with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, kids, and other critters and has developed insights into their training and development the old fashioned way; by experience.


Many states allow equine massage therapists to work independently, however, some states require supervision and association with a veterinarian in order to practice as an equine or animal body work professional.

Membership can be obtained from one of many organizations by simply becoming a member of those organizations after a couple of years of documented work as an equine massage professional or by presenting evidence of course work completed by an equine massage school which is a member of their organization.

However, becoming a member of these organizations does not allow you to bypass your states veterinary board requirements. All equine massage practitioners, regardless of where or how they received their certification, must comply with their states requirements, which is normally in the form of either direct supervision by a veterinarian or referral by a veterinarian.

You can find out more about your states requirements here: iaamb.org/resources/laws-by-state/