Equine Massage for Horse Owners Clinic


One Weekend – A Lifetime of Benefits!!!

Join us for an intensive weekend of learning and fun. We’ll introduce techniques that are not only essential for peak performance, but also for building your relationship with your horse. This Equine Massage for Horse Owners clinic is designed to help horse owners recognize problematic areas and help their horses to feel better, improve performance and create a lasting relationship.

Join us on 6/28/24 & 6/29/24

Space is limited to 15 horse/rider participants.

Includes lunch and overnight stabling for your horse.


Equine Massage for Horse Owners Clinic

Equine massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy known. It is an essential practice for releasing muscle tension, imbalance, and pain. In this clinic, students will learn techniques that:

Designed specifically for horse owners to:

    • Identify potential problem areas
    • Techniques to improve performance
    • Techniques to create relaxation
    • Techniques to increase range of motion
    • Techniques to promote healing
    • Techniques to improve your relationship

Learn a variety of massage techniques that will have a profound effect on the performance, health and attitude of your horse. Help create a happy, healthy horse and a better relationship today!


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