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  • Have you ever struggled to maintain your position when riding?
  • Do you find it difficult to apply your aids independently?
  • Do you rely on your hands for balance?
  • Do you wish your rides could be more harmonious?

Riding is a demanding sport that requires a great deal of physical and mental effort from the rider. We are not only asked to maintain our balance and posture while in motion, but also to provide emotional support for our equine partner. And while, we may look like we are just sitting astride being carried along by this majestic creature, anyone who has ever ridden knows the amount of physical and mental control that it takes.

The Yoga for Riders Program focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of riding. This program is full of wonderful poses designed to benefit the most challenging areas for Riders, while improving stamina, posture, balance, coordination and more. Poses that stretch, tone and strengthen those areas that riders use most. Creating mindfulness and the physical strength and stamina to build a harmonious relationship with your horse, it is truly a mind/body experience. See Course Description below for more details and Bonus Features.


Yoga for Riders is an 8-week online yoga program designed specifically for riders to target the key areas needed for riding. Your mind/body connection is vital to successfully communicating with your horse. In the Yoga for Riders program, you will learn techniques to:

  • Improve your balance
  • Increase your suppleness
  • Build your stamina and 
  • Raise your awareness

Course Details

Each week, you will receive:

  • Guided meditation to prepare you for your practice & your rides ($ 200 value)
  • 3 yoga practices designed specifically for riders ($480 value)
  • Guided reflection prompts and inspiration ($200 value)
  • A weekly journal to track your progress ($50 value)
  • Unlimited support from our Yoga instructors and riding instructors (priceless)

Weekly Details

Week 1 – Inspiration

Week 2 – Stability

Week 3 – Mindfulness

Week 4 – Energy

Week 5 – Center

Week 6 – Empower

Week 7 – Connect

Week 8 – Renew

Bonus Material

  • 2 extra weeks of Yoga practices ($120 value)
  • Goal setting workshop to help you achieve your greatest potential ($250 value)

Course valued at over $1250

1 review for Yoga for Riders – Online Program

  1. Sam ferry

    I had a lesson immediately after having a yoga class with this instructor. When I say we’ve never had a better ride, I mean physically and mentally. My horse was so relaxed (as was I). Highly recommend this class, this instructor for anyone, beginner or not. ❤️❤️

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